During the late 1800's the den Breejen family tradition of flower bulb growing and selling was born. Originating in Holland with Edward Nieuwenhuis (grandfather of Edward Dick den Breejen), the family business has grown through the decades and across 3,000 miles of ocean.

In the aftermath of World War II, Mr. Dick Nieuwenhuis (uncle of E. Dick den Breejen) introduced the family business to the United States, operating under the name Edward Nieuwenhuis Inc. Business was conducted at Sicomac Avenue, Wyckoff, New Jersey with Dick Nieuwenhuis as the sole proprietor.

It was in 1976 as the business transferred to a younger generation that Edward Dick, and Kathleen J. den Breejen took over Edward Nieuwenhuis Inc.

Expanding beyond the limitations of the original Sicomac Avenue facilities, the business was soon relocated to larger facilities at Prospect Reed and Harness on 6th Street in Prospect Park, NJ. and then to even bigger facilities at Kinnelon, New Jersey in 1979.

Sales tripled in the first five years of new business ownership. American grown Easter lilies, now an Ednie Flower Bulb trademark, were added to the flower bulb selection and construction of our first cooler improved our Bulb quality and demand for our products.

Other changes took place as well. Having discovered that the Edward Nieuwenhuis Inc. caused considerable confusion and numerous spelling errors, the owners decided to simplify the name. In 1983, "Ed" from Edward and "nie" from Nieuwenhuis were combined to create the new company name: Ednie Flower Bulb inc.

By 1989 the number of bulbs passing through the warehouse had quadrupled, and our facilities were once again expanded to meet demand.

In 1994 Dutch-grown colored lilies were added to the Ednie Flower Bulb repertoire and we simultaneously introduced year-round shipping.

In 1998 after having grown up with the company and completing study at one of the leading horticultural universities in The Netherlands, Mr. Jeffrey den Breejen became a full time member of the company.

Following continued growth, Ednie Flower Bulb Company relocated in 2001 to Fredon, New Jersey. This new facility has under gone extensive renovations, including new coolers and improved packing facilities to better serve our customers.

Ednie Flower Bulb specializes in Professional Grower Bulbs. Professional Growers are among the most demanding and select customers in the world. Growing thousands and thousands of flowers at a time, they are particularly concerned with yield, strength, size and beauty of the flower. They choose Ednie Flower Bulb because year after year we deliver exceptional value through bigger, better bulbs and faster more accurate service.

With 4 generations of bulb expertise, we understand how to buy, inventory, and ship the best bulbs in the world.

Warmest regards,

Jeffrey den Breejen